Waterjet cutting is the next step in high precision and superior quality cutting. We offer cutting for pre-designed products, or we can specially design your project from scratch. With our state-of-the-art software there is almost no limit on what we can create.

Our Machine is the Maxiem 1530 operating @ 50,000psi. This machine is capable of cutting mild steel up to 150mm or 6in thick, and with tolerances of up to 0.050, accuracy is assured.



Here at MRC Performance we take fabrication very seriously its a craft and a passion to those involved.

Unlike most shops we don't offer custom fabrication to the public. Instead we focus on producing quality items available to the public, this way we can do the research and development for each product.

We do however offer contract welding to other companies. This can also include development of the product.

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”The team at MRC Performance is made up of many passionate car enthusiasts. These include staff in fabrication, engineering, administration and sales rolls. With our enthusiastic team we will do everything possible to to facilitate your needs.”